Meet Our Team: Lynda Laurendine

Lynda Laurendine plays an essential role as a designer and custom framer for the Napier Frames team. She has been in this role for three years, as she was on the Frames Unlimited staff and learned the trade tricks under the original owners. (The same ones who taught Jesse and Lauren everything they know!) 

During her three years, she learned many things from her co-workers, bosses, and the clients that come through their doors each day. Mostly, that this role is rewarding in so many ways; she says, "It doesn't feel like work, it's fun. Every single day offers something new to learn!" 

Her favorite thing to do is watercolor Walter Anderson prints for the shop, and she loves seeing her hard work come to completion when it's framed and hanging in clients' homes.

In Lynda's spare time, she volunteers at the Public Library on the Friend's Board and participates in the Guild at the Lauren Rogers Museum. Most notably, she's the baker behind the famous pound cakes at Lee's Coffee and Tea. (She spoils us in the shop!)

We're so thankful for her eye for detail and the can-do spirit that she brings to our store every day. We couldn't do this without her!