Jesse and Lauren Napier are the owners of Napier Frames, formerly known as Frames Unlimited. They are parents to two beautiful children, Nell and Hank.

The Napiers were presented the opportunity to purchase Frames Unlimited in December 2020. With Lauren being a full-time teacher and Jesse a woodworker, they weren't sure if they'd have enough experience for the custom framing business. Jesse and Lauren knew that they wanted to work together, because they wanted more time to be with their family. (Plus, they really love each other!) This opportunity would allow them to work together, make something new and different each day, and invest in their local community.

The original owners of Frames Unlimited, Larry and Beth, allowed the new couple to learn from them before completely taking over the business. Through their mentorship, Jesse has become a skilled craftsman in custom framework, and Lauren is one of the main watercolor artists.