1. How many framing and matting options are available?

 We offer over 10,000 options for customers to choose from!


2. Do you offer shipping? 

Until we find the most satisfactory shipping and packing methods for valuable framed items, we are only shipping unframed prints and made-to-order empty frames without glass. We hope to figure out the best option as soon as possible for all of our out-of-state friends! We thank you for your patience. 


3. Do you have non-glare glass? What are the glass options?

Regular, non glare, plexiglass, art glass (conservation)


6. How long does it take to get my custom frame from start to end (shipping or pick-up?) 

It takes a week from delivery to pick up, but shipping times vary.


7. How can I make a purchase?

You can visit our store, call our store, email us at napierframes@gmail.com, direct message us on social media, contact us through the website. 


8. What is your pricing? 

Pricing varies between each frame, metal frames are more expensive than wood frames, a simple frame design   is often cheaper than a more elaborate design. A bigger frame will cost more than a smaller because of the materiaused to make it. 


11. What makes your framing business different from others?

We're family-owned. We are one of the largest distributors of original Walter Anderson prints. We offer custom watercolor for WA prints. Our store is operated in Laurel, MS and used by HGTV’s HomeTown. We are a couple in our 20s operating a small business with our newborn baby girl!  


12. Do you put backing on each frame? 

Yes, we attach a dust cover along with a hanging kit. 


13. Is wiring on the back included or do I have to request that? 

It’s included with a weight appropriate, courtesy hanger unless specified otherwise.


14. Do you carry local artists in your store? 

We do! We carry Walter Anderson and Bebe Baldwin, but we are looking for more local/Mississippi artists. Feel free to reach out to us! 


15. What are your sizing options? How small can you custom frame and how big?

 We can do any size, even as big as an 8’ square frame!


16. What’s three of your favorite movies (each?)

 Lauren: Indiana Jones, Father of the Bride, the original Parent Trap, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 
Jesse: Scent of a Woman, American Gangster, Good Will Hunting, About Time 


17. What’s three of your favorite bands?

Lauren: Stevie Knicks, Maggie Rogers, The Avett Brothers, Mandolin Orange 
Jesse: Smashing Pumpkins, Elton John, The Decemberists, The Eagles